Survival Island

Survival – Its the Only Way

Over the years our Survival island has continually evolved to achieve a range of team building objectives.

In a preCovid19 world, our survival island was designed as a Corporate Team Building challenge. Usually completed as a day long event, teams were selected and participants were tasked with completing a kayak safari to a designated island location in Scariff Bay. On landing on the Island and having securely moored their boats, the teams solved a number of team tasks. Each task completed moved the participants closer to conquering the final task and with it, won the bragging rights for the day.

During the period of the Pandemic, our survival Island was distilled down a 3-4hr team building activity that required participants to transfer to the island location by boat, gather some kindling to create a camp fire that will can boil a kettle while the remainder of the team construct their own shelter between the trees.

Survival island can be expanded for a longer duration including overnight or condensed into a single afternoon activity. The organiser decides!!!

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A Digital Detox

Featured on the Ryan Tubridy show, this camp is aimed at helping young adults to digitally detox from their phones (all phones are taken and locked away before they begin their adventure) while spending time in nature with their peers. It helps to build trust, confidence and tenacity and allows them to find some quietness.

Back to Our Roots

Aimed at teenagers and young adults, (day or overnight) our qualified instructors take the group by boat for some fishing and then on to an island on Lough Derg where the teenagers must forage for firewood to start a campfire, clean and cook their fish.  They can set up camp on the Island overnight and sleep under the stars and figure out how to forage for some breakfast for the following morning!

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